We are the first to offer

a novel production solution

for fashion brands to produce clothing fast & sustainably

Our patent-pending and automated production process runs smaller and ultra-fast production orders at much lower environmental impact. Enabled by our proprietary cloud-based CME™ -software (Clothing Manufacturing Efficiency).


Rodinia address 4 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We want to not only tackle social and climate change challenges, but more importantly help the fashion industry to realize the vast potential of doing so. By making a stronger case for climate and social responsibilities as drivers for economic benefits, the industry can unlock the much greater speed and scale of action that is required to sustain a healthy planet and a healthy business without compromising the other.


"Sustainable fashion manufacturing anywhere, anytime"


A no-waste fashion industry.
Strengthening the planet
& the economy.


  1. November 2018                                                                          

    Winning the title as ‘Årets Kapitalprofil’ (capitalprofile of the year) at The View Business Club

  2. December 2018                                                                         

    The Danish Innovationfund, InnoBooster Grant & Participant in 'Green Growth' via Green Business models

  3. June 2019                                                                             

    2 patents pending

  4.  July 2019                                                                          

    Capital increase & Insertion of the Board of Directors

  5.  October 2019                                                                          

    EUHorizon2020 grant-agreement ph1

  6. November 2019

    Capital increase

  7. January 2020

    The Danish Innovationfund, InnoBooster Grant

  8. Marts 2020

    Capital increase, Jens Munch-Hansen joins the board of directors

Collaborative Frontrunners


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Trine Young

Founder & CEO
MA of Arts, Design & Technology
, London College of Fashion

Maria Langer

Communication & Marketing MSC  Brand Management 
and Marketing Communication, SDU

Michael Bianchi

Design & Relations
+10 years within Menswear design, product development & supply chain management

Henning Weiss

Chief Technical Officer
+10 years Software engineering & architecture, cand.polyt Computer Science, DTU


Click the arrow in the lower right corner to meet our Advisors

Sigurd Lilienfeldt

Founder the Corporate Counselling Company, pre. Partner Axcel, A.T. Kearney, The Monitor Group

Anne Broeng

Board member
Chairman at Velliv, boardmember VKR Holding, NNIT, ATP

Lars Bruhn

Former board member
Founder & Chairman NorthCap.VC fund I & II, Chairman BRUHN A/S and a number of other companies

Jens Munch-Hansen

Board member
former CEO IBM Nordics, Senior Executive VP TDC Nordic, Chairman at several robotics companies - two NASDAQ listed


Casper Schultz

Cand.polyt. DTU, Technology & Innovation Stanford University

Maude McNair

Head of production & purchasing, Masai Clothing Company

Michael Raaby

Cand.polyt. DTU, Operational Excellence Specialist, Rockwool

Robert Kirstejn Schmidt

Head of Sustainability
Rudolph Care


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