Pioneering Technology

enabling High-Speed Low-Impact

Clothing Manufacturing

Rodinia's CME-software allows just-in-time mass-customisation of garments. This, combined with no minimum requirement for production, enables Rodinia to eliminate stock completely. By making a stronger case for climate and social responsibilities as drivers for economic benefits Rodinia strive to sustain a healthy planet and a healthy business without the one compromising the other.


Rodinia address 5 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We want to not only tackle social and climate change challenges, but more importantly help the fashion industry to realize the vast potential of doing so. By making a stronger case for climate and social responsibilities as drivers for economic benefits, the industry can unlock the much greater speed and scale of action that is required to sustain a healthy planet and a healthy business without compromising the other.


A no-waste fashion industry.
Strengthening the planet
& the economy.


Every garment manufacturer will have Rodinia software - inside


  1. October 2018  

    5 Pilot customers

  2. November 2018                                                                          

    Winning the title as ‘Årets Kapitalprofil’ (capitalprofile of the year) at The View Business Club

  3. December 2018                                                                         

    The Danish Innovationfund, Grant from InnoBooster-programme & Partipant in 'Green Growth' via Green Business models

  4. January-June 2019                                                                          

    Participant of the EU-funded programme ‘Green Growth via Green business models’

  5. May 2019                                                                         

    Maude McNair join as advisor

  6. June 2019                                                                             

    2 patents pending
    Robert Schmidt join as Advisor

  7.  July 2019                                                                          

    Privately funded, investors join the Board of Directors


The Future Factory

Benefits for pilot brands

  1. Our factory will be located in Copenhagen and we will work day-to-day orders. Meaning we can produce a whole collection within a week.
  2. No minimum quantities on orders. You can order exactly the amount you want per piece of clothing. Also just one piece, if this is all you need.
  3. Our colors are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and without harmful substances.
  4. AND our production reduces CO2 by 90% and eliminate water completely in the dyeing and finishing stage of clothing production.

The Scalable Software Solution

"A clothing company realises that the majority of their revenue comes from New York-based customers. However, it is currently produced in Portugal.
Supposedly, the clothing company is a Rodinia-customer: logged-in to the Rodinia Generation online platform, an order-redirection to the Compact Factory in New York can be made in a few clicks. The customers in New York will get their orders faster and the clothing company will save transport fees, custom tariffs and reduce its CO2-footprint."


Click the arrows in the lower corners to meet the Board and our Advisors.

Trine Young

Founder & CEO
MA of Arts, Design & Technology, London College of Fashion

Maria Langer

MSC. Brand Management and Marketing Communication, SDU

Michaela Cinkova

MSC. Business Administration & Economics, SDU


Click the arrow in the lower right corner to meet our Advisors

Sigurd Lilienfeldt

Founder the Corporate Counselling Company, pre. Partner Axcel, A.T. Kearney, The Monitor Group

Anne Broeng

Board member
Chairman at Velliv, boardmember VKR Holding, NNIT, ATP

Lars Bruhn

Board member
Founder & Chairman NorthCap.VC fund I & II, Chairman BRUHN A/S and a number of other companies

Trine Young

Board member, Founder & CEO
MA of Arts, Design & Technology, London College of Fashion


Casper Schultz

Cand.polyt. DTU, Technology & Innovation Stanford University

Maude McNair

Head of production & purchasing, Masai Clothing Company

Michael Raaby

Cand.polyt. DTU, Operational Excellence Specialist, Rockwool

Robert Kirstejn Schmidt

Project Manager Grøn Vækst via Grønne forretningsmodeller, Erhvervhuset Hovedstaden


If you think you are too small to make a difference, you surely haven’t slept in a room with a mosquito. If you think otherwise, we will be happy to hear from you!

We are always looking for curious enthusiastic professionals

... right now we are looking for

  • CTO
  • &
  • Programmer

If you are not afraid of a challenge, can keep up with a steep learning curve, and wish to make a difference, then this might be something for you. We believe in balancing teamwork and independent growth, while enjoying a start-up environment in constant movement. At last, we expect a loyal member of the Rodinia-family, who contributes with daily tasks on the same level as the rest of our dedicated team.

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