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We exclusively serve brands who can commit to a sustainable agenda. We promise in return that you will never again deal with the many months of lead-time, the minimum production requirement, the long-term contract, the supplier’s sub-supplier, the language barrier, the toxic chemicals, the worthless left-over stock, the add-on cost for placement printing, the poor working conditions and the unacceptably low payment rates (only to mention a few of those ‘terms’ that apply to conventional ways of production).
We offer the most flexible production solution that doesn’t exploit Nature, people or your economy (we might even save you a percentage or two).

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Sustainable fashion is no longer a hindrance to grow profits. On the contrary…

At Rodinia, we prove this fact. We offer a complete production solution to small and medium sized fashion brands who support our mission. We are able to print and cut 9 times faster than traditional production, using no water, minimal energy and non-toxic biodegradable dyes for printing. Our innovative production system reduces a garment’s carbon footprint by up to 96%. All this in combination with state-of-the-art technology, allow us to run a sustainable and 100% local fashion production at affordable prices.


At Rodinia, we want to not only tackle social and climate change challenges, but more importantly help the fashion industry to realise the vast potential of doing so. By making a stronger case for climate and social responsibilities as drivers for economic benefits, fashion brands can unlock the much greater speed and scale of action that is required to sustain a healthy planet and a healthy business without compromising the other. In other words: business is a means, not the ultimate goal.


Trine Young

Founder & CEO

MA of Arts (Ms.Cand.Design) Design & Technology, London College of Fashion, has gathered her experience within the fashion industry over the past 10 years. She draws in particular on her strong technical understanding and knowledge of the fashion & textile printing industry. Just as the company she has founded, Trine is cross-disciplinary drawing from her both technical and creative understanding which she has used to interrelate otherwise distant worlds: technology, creativity and economy having an in-depth understanding of creative and business related matter, this way creating unique value for customers and shareholders alike.

Michaela Cinkova

Business Development Consultant

BA International Sales & Marketing and MSc Business Administration & Economics from SDU with expertise in CSR and environmental impact. Through industry research analysis that provides business development strategies, Michaela is drawing in particular on her vast knowledge on trends related to sustainability and is thus vital to Rodinia's brand identity and customer acquisition.

Maria Nørgaard Langer

Communication Manager

BA. in Economics and Business Administration from CBS, and MSC. in Brand Management and Marketing Communication from SDU. Maria’s professional competences take a point of departure in the field of consumer knowledge, including sustainability in B2C markets, which she engaged in further, when writing her master thesis.

Hreinn Bergs

Relationship Manager

With strong skills in sales & customer service from other industries, Bergs is experienced in building long-lasting customer relationships and is moreover strong in customer acquisition strategies.


Rodinias Advisors have been carefully selected across a wide set of industries to ensure the best possible candidates to bring Rodinia Generation to grow & scale. They represent a rich variety of knowledge that reflects the transcending nature of the Rodinia philosophy. Because they are among some of the best within their field of expertise, they contribute individually and in coherence with many years of experience and a broad network across multiple sectors.

Michael Raaby

Group Operational Excellence Specialist at ROCKWOOL Group

Steen Bundgaard

Direktør SVEA Finans A/S

Casper Schultz

co-founder, Cubus Technology ApS

Frederik de Arco Christiansen

Global Project Manager at ROCKWOOL Group


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