Job Position

Relationships Manager;

at Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation is a Danish start-up striving to eliminate overproduction of clothes. Based on patent-pending technology Rodinia empowers a clothing industry that is faster and greener than ever. Do you wish to make a difference in the fight against climate change? Are you a first-class relationship builder? Do you want to enjoy the full start-up feeling? Then you are probably the one, we have been looking for.

The Position

  • • Prepare, implement, and execute on sales strategy targeting key clients
  • • To continuously follow up on the business relationship with clients and new partnership opportunities

You will be responsible for creating a sales strategy for Rodinia and execute on it, with everything that this entails. Daily contact with our clients (fashion brands), will also be a significant part of the job, making sure that we keep a strong and healthy business relationship. Another aspect, is seeing new opportunities for business growth. Since Rodinia is a newly started business, you will have the chance to shape the direction by your inputs and contributions.


  • • Strong communicator
  • • Able to quickly build relationships
  • • Outgoing
  • • Independent
  • • Fluent in Danish and English

Several profiles could be a suited fit for the position. Though, what is most important, is that your personal profile fits with our intention: making a stronger case out of fighting climate change while building and maintaining an economically robust business.

To fit the profile, you are a strong relationship builder. A background in sales, relationship management, or from a fashion brand, is desirable, but not a requirement. Your professional background is subsequent, to the fact that you bring added value to the company by your presence.

What we offer

We are a team of young purpose-driven individuals who enjoy each other’s company both in and out of office. Since we are a small team, it is vital for us, that we find the right person, both on a professional level, but also on a personal level. We believe that having an accommodating atmosphere in our work space is important for us to fulfil the full potential of all situations.

We can guarantee a steep learning curve in a fast-paced environment, where the next day rarely looks like the day before. Like the rest of the team, you will be in contact with our competent advisors and our board who has many years of experience from the corporate world.

Both teamwork and independent growth, are factors we practise on an everyday basis, which is shown in the way we always help each when needed to pull through, while taking responsibility for our own doing and growth.

If you have any questions regarding the position, do not hesitate to catch us on any social media or via our website or simply send us an e-mail.

We are waiting with excitement to be hearing from you!

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