A game changing & sustainable production solution

We produce clothes faster than ever and close to home.
For fashion brands that care about planet and profit.

A garment’s journey

– from design to delivery

Nearshore production means close to home

Our Green Fashion Factory is located in Scandinavia, in the city of Copenhagen, where our main production takes place. No need for long trips to check production processes, we are within close reach.


Our patented technologies, including our CME software (Clothing Manufacturing Efficiency), provide a unique opportunity, to upgrade outdated and wasteful production processes to innovative and sustainable ones

Eliminate stock and replenish bestsellers

With ultra-fast and smaller production runs.
Our JIT production is flexible and allows last-minute changes, replacing the traditional rigid calendar. No need to worry about overproduction or lost opportunities caused by sold out bestsellers.

True cost of a garment

All the worst-sellers in stock, and all the bestsellers out of stock… sounds familiar?
High-and low tides in stock, price erosions, depreciation, and negative cashflow, are the typical reasons for hidden costs to blow up, burning 26% of profit on an average garment.
It even accelerates to 36% when including duty, tax, and shipping for off-shore production.