Use storytelling to communicate sustainability

The Rodinia-hangtag is on every garment we produce, raising the level of knowledge and promoting transparency.
Your customers will know that their garment is produced closer to home while leaving a minimal environmental footprint.
“…not only can (Rodinia) improve our inventory management, it will also mean more money in the bank. We will be able to react faster which improves our cashflow; meaning we can get an order out of the door immediately.”
– Kasper & Oliver, owners
“The more Rodinia will develop their production we will follow in the same direction because we see that many begin to bring production home again, due to the fact that it is really hard to stay on top of what is going on at a factory in China or India- if one had a ‘backyard production’ it may be more expensive but there will be less mistakes as well (…) Alone the sales-aspect of ‘Made in Denmark’ is worth gold.”
– Sunniva & Stephan, owners